CrowdSource for Life features rare content from some of the greatest outliers in our society: extreme altruists. These unusual people come from many walks of life, but their common choice to give a kidney away… most to a complete stranger… causes us to want to know what makes them tick. This is the basis for a compelling night of television.


    The Building Blocks of
    CrowdSource for Life

    CrowdSource for Life will be staged in Dallas, Texas before a live theatre audience.  Our production team will record the storytellers’ TED-style performances with six cameras in a classic theatre setting brought to life by innovative set design and staging.   Months of preparation will culminate with the excitement of a live performance. Each storyteller is a living kidney donor and most gave their kidneys to complete strangers. Each of their stories was selected for its unique themes, narratives, and perspectives.  Our story development and performance processes will turn our cast of amateur storytellers into profound, expressive writers, their stories into stage performance pieces and their performances into memorable moments of connection.  The result will be a set of varied and compelling stories, each with a different meaning, purpose and direction.  But all their stories are about making an amazingly selfless gift to save another’s life. At its most basic, storytelling creates connections.  As fundamental human communications, stories have brought people together in a tradition that predates history.  Stories are present in every culture. When a listener connects to a story and recognizes their experiences or perspective in the story, irreplaceable human connection forms: the understanding that “I am not alone.”  This is why Maitri River Productions selected storytelling as the format for CrowdSource for Life.  We want the audience to be inspired by the selfless giving and empathy of our cast.

    How CrowdSource for Life Will Reach
    a Mass Viewing Audience

    CrowdSource for Life will reach a mass audience using the latest advances in independent film distribution to streaming platforms and networks.  In this video, we walk you through our clear step-by-step strategy which will take our unique production into homes around the country via streaming.

    Managing Interest in Kidney Donation

    Maitri River Productions understands that the broadcast of stories about kidney donation may inspire viewers to make inquiries about kidney donation or transplants.  Historically, the airing of even short news stories creates many inquiries.  In the past, broadcasts about kidney donation have caused phone systems at transplant centers to shut down due to the volume of calls.
    In addition, experts advised our production to come up with a way to manage inquires because it is not the transplant centers’ job to field and route basic inquiries. Following the advice of kidney community experts, Maitri River Productions has formed a relationship with the National Kidney Donation Organization. NKDO has 60 trained counselors who are available to help people with their first steps in exploring the world of kidney donation.  NKDO is the only national organization capable of handling a large amount of starting inquiries and its approach is designed to share and exchange information, helping each person find the right answers to their questions. Maitri River Productions believes with the help of NKDO in this capacity, the public will be best served as we raise awareness of living kidney donation with a national broadcast of our film

    If you would like information about living kidney donation, please click here.