Become a Sponsor

    Business Sponsorships are Available for

    Associate Your Brand with Abundant as a Production Sponsor

    Web Site Sponsor - $25,000

    • 5-Year “Sponsored by” credit and link built into top of web site template.
    • “Special Thanks” credit in Abundant end credits.

    Cast Member Sponsorship - $10,000

    • Evergreen sponsorship of a CrowdSource for Life cast member appearing in Abundant.
    • “Special Thanks” credit in Abundant end credits.

    Location Interview Sponsor - $5,000 (3 Available)

    • We’ll shoot man-on-the-street interviews at your business or sponsored location for 2-3 hours for use in Abundant.  As a bonus, we’ll shoot footage of the location and give it to the business for use in its own marketing.  
    • Make it a promoted special event, a movie shoot at your location.

    Opening Credits Sponsor - $20,000

    • We’re planning an exciting opening credits sequence for the film featuring the vibrant arts scene of Dallas, Texas where CrowdSource for Life was presented at The Majestic Theater.  To make a sponsorship that covers or contributes to the Opening Sequence Sponsorship, please contact us today.

    Understanding Our Financial Goals

    Basic Production Goal of $300,000
    Supporters funded CrowdSource for Life, the main content for Abundant.
    Expert Interview Budget Goal: $100,000
    Supporters funded interviews with prominent experts for Abundant.
    Additional Expert Interview and CrowdSource for Life Overrun: $40,000
    We need one additional expert interview shoot to complete Abundant.  And CrowdSource for Life had unexpected cost overruns.  Please help us reach this final funding goal for our documentary feature film.
    Abundant Distribution - $200,000
    An anonymous donor has pledged Abundant’s full distribution budget.