CrowdSource for Life has entered production now that we have reached our basic production funding goal.  As the production is now concrete, we can now present this promotional inventory for sponsors who wish to attach their name to specific aspects of the stage show.

Available Inventory of Sponsorships

$100,000 - Presenting Sponsorship for the stage show CrowdSource for Life
Putting your name on CrowdSource for Life as a Presenting Sponsor has the lasting value of association with a major media event and feature documentary film. Adding your company or organization’s name to the title of the stage show production creates media visibility in press coverage, social media, web site visits, promotion and advertising and the feature film which will be built on the content of CrowdSource for Life, presented by… Who?
Furthermore, we will consider the Presenting Sponsor a partner in the day of the show. This means everything leading up to the stage show at 7PM on show day can be used by the Presenting Sponsor for activity connected with the stage show event. This includes but is not limited to programming, an event, a speaker symposium, or any other activity that benefits the goals of our Presenting Partner.
$50,000 (estimated cost) – Travel and Accommodations for Kidney Donor Cast Members and their +1
Our cast is comprised of living kidney donors, most of whom are non-directed donors. We will be flying all of them to Dallas for a weekend of rehearsal and performance which will be recorded for our feature film. They will stay in a hotel in Downtown Dallas, with transportation and meals provided. Our basic production budget does not include funding a guest with whom they can share the experience. We are seeking one company or organization who will step in to fund and manage the travel junket for our cast of non-directed donors and also help them bring their +1 to share this once-in-a-lifetime experience.
$30,000 (estimated cost) - Travel and Accommodations for Kidney Donor Cast Members
Is your company or organization willing to sponsor the kidney donor cast travel junket with accommodations? If so, please consider this sponsorship to create a lasting association with our cast of living kidney donor storytellers.
$25,000 - Stage Sponsorship for the stage show CrowdSource for Life.
All of the above, plus:
Inside the theater, our storytellers will perform as part of a uniquely compelling stage show. We are offering a specific stage sponsorship for a company or organization that wants to strongly associate with the content in the performance. Attribution for the Stage Sponsor will be acknowledged on, programs and lasting media associated with the production including the credits of the feature documentary film, and it comes with the opportunity to have a physical presence in the lobby of the theatre.
$25,000 - Web Site Sponsorship will be referenced in the feature documentary film as a place to go to start asking questions about whether you can be a kidney donor. We’ll have portals on the web site, that feed to the National Kidney Donation Organization, whose large team of qualified and trained living kidney donors is best equipped to handle a large number of inquiries. We expect CrowdSource for Life to get traffic inspired by the movie for years. Like any other technology, regular maintenance is required to keep the site healthy and functioning. We are seeking a Web Site Sponsor to pay for this. In exchange, the Web Site Sponsor will be prominently featured on and linked from
$12,000 Exclusive Stage Show Program Sponsorship
We are looking for a Stage Show Program Sponsor to fund the design and digital distribution of the official CrowdSource for Life program. The program for this one-time only show will feature content which can only be found in the event program. The program will remain available on after the stage show. This is an exclusive sponsorship, meaning only one sponsor will be given credit as the Program Sponsor.
$5,000 – Show Night Green Room Amenities for Kidney Donor Cast Members - Sponsored by Kidney Donor Athletes
On the night of the stage show, the cast will stay in the Green Room during the production. The Green Room is a long and storied entertainment tradition, where memories are made and casts tend to bond over their performance. We are seeking one sponsor for our Green Room so we can supply the cast with refreshments, food and encouragement in their Green Room. If you want to make the cast feel good and supported on the night of their performance, sponsor the Green Room.
$5,000 - Wrap Party Sponsor - Sponsored by The National Kidney Registry
All of the above, plus:
Our production will wrap it up with the traditional Wrap Party the day after the stage show. Principle photography for the film will be completed at that point and, while the whole cast and crew are together following the stage show, we will send out production of CrowdSource for Life with style. As wrap party sponsor, you are paying for the celebration of the cast and crew’s hard work. All CrowdSource for Life donors will be invited to the party, but the Wrap Party Sponsor gets special recognition and can get up and do a song with the band if you want to give that a try.
$3,500 - Friday Team Dinner Sponsor
The stage show will be held on a Saturday night. The Friday before the show will be the first time the whole cast will be together, and we want to celebrate that with a special dinner for them. The Friday Team Dinner Sponsor will make that happen and, if they are in Dallas that night, are welcome to join in for this amazing night of pre-show jitters and celebration.
$1,200 – Show Day Lunch for Kidney Donor Cast and Crew
The cast will spend the entire day of the show at the theater in rehearsal, in the make-up chair, and relaxing before the show. Meanwhile, the crew will be working all day to make sure the 6-camera film shoot will go off perfectly. The Show Day Lunch Sponsor will help us get through the day by providing a perfect lunch and snacks for the day.

Location Shoots for Expert Interviews
Funding Goal:

100% of Basic Production Goal Met!
  •  Initial Goal: $22,500
For: Initial commitments that allow us to schedule the show, including fees to book our preferred location, The Majestic Theatre in Dallas, Texas.
  •  Stretch Goal 1: $32,300
For: Our storytelling development team
  •  Stretch Goal 2: $70,278.40
For: Film production
  •  Stretch Goal 3: $83,000
For: CrowdSource for Life
staged storytelling production
  •  Stretch Goal 4: $91,921.60
For: CrowdSource for Life stage show
cast and business costs
Basic Production Budget Goal Reached!
Now Working On...
  •  Stretch Goal 5: $100,000
For: Location shoots for expert interviews
  •  Stretch Goal 6: $50,000
For: Distribution and Marketing Costs