Welcome To CrowdSource for Life!

Maitri River Productions is producing CrowdSource for Life, a unique feature-length film featuring first-person storytelling by our country’s most extreme altruists: non-directed kidney donors.  If you make a gift this month, please consider sponsoring CrowdSource for Life.

Why CrowdSource for Life?

CrowdSource for Life is a show about the many-faceted act of selfless giving. Since our cast members all have donated a kidney, we expect this film will raise awareness of living kidney donation as it streams directly to a mass home audience.  We’re certain our viewers will find a rare inspiration from the stories told by our cast.  Science considers non-directed kidney donors to be the most extreme altruists in our society, as most of them have given a kidney to a complete stranger! As CrowdSource for Life will touch a nationwide, mainstream audience with stories of giving and altruism, the resulting rise in awareness about living kidney donation is expected to have a major impact of several real-world issues. 

Kidney Deficit in America

More than 8,000 people die each year waiting on kidney that never arrives.

Racial Disparity in Kidney Transplant

White persons are 4X more likely to receive a kidney transplant than Black persons.

We Need Your Help.

If you make a gift this month, please consider CrowdSource for Life.  We are raising a $300,000 production budget and a $50,000 marketing budget to launch this unique production, and we need your help.  Your donation can be claimed as a chartable tax deduction.  Watch this video for details on making a tax-deductible gift to our production.

Gratitude Rewards for Donors

We are thankful for all contributions to CrowdSource for Life and we have fun and exciting rewards for our sponsors.  Our gifts include tickets to our live stage performance, rare memorabilia from the show and donor experiences that take you behind the scenes of making the show.  Watch this video for details.

Conversation is the Key to Awareness

In 2021 CrowdSource for Life producer Laurie Lee began a kidney donor advocacy podcast, Donor Diaries to expand the accessibility of the living kidney donation conversation. With topics ranging from the racial disparity in kidney transplant to how to ask someone to donate a kidney, Donor Diaries covers a wide range of informative topics related to living kidney donation.

Before she even completed the first 12-episode season, Laurie got some unexpected feedback. Over a period of weeks, she was contacted by five podcast followers who were considering donating a kidney altruistically approached Laurie with questions. Listening to the podcast created a space for each of them to begin asking their initial questions.

Inadvertently, Donor Diaries listeners validated a driving premise of CrowdSource for Life: that an indirect, informative and audience-friendly discussion of kidney donation-related content will get people thinking about what they can do to help.

Donor Diaries clearly states, “Kidney donation is not for everyone.” And its content does not advocate, it merely informs. But, for those who are so inclined hearing Donor Diaries content or, as we expect, watching CrowdSource for Life may raise inspire the first question about how they can help someone else, maybe even a stranger.
With the common goal of raising awareness about living kidney donation, kidney donation and transplant organizations are coming together to help fund the production of CrowdSource for Life.  We’d like to recognize and thank Transplant Village for leading the way with the first donation to the CrowdSource for Life production budget.  Currently Transplant Village, Organ Transplant Support, Kidney Donor Conversations and PKD Outreach Foundation have all contributed to our production budget and we welcome of the support of any other organization interested in raising public awareness of living kidney donation.