CrowdSource for Life

    Who gives a kidney to a stranger?

    On September 23, 2023, CrowdSource for Life will answer that question in a unique stage performance at The Majestic Theater in Dallas, Texas.  This rare one-time event features first-person monologues by our country’s most extreme altruist... non-directed kidney donors... and the entire event will be recorded live for the documentary feature film, Abundant.

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    Be There For This Historic Live Stage Show and Documentary Movie Shoot!

    On Saturday, September 23rd in Dallas, Texas, the cameras will roll to record CrowdSource for Life for the documentary feature film, Abundant.  Our cast of living kidney donors (most of whom gave a kidney to a complete stranger) will present the true stories in a full stage performance created for the historic stage at The Majestic Theater.  Now you can be part of this incredible night and film shoot!
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    The Majestic Theater

    Welcome to The Majestic Theater, our home for CrowdSource for Life!  The iconic 100-year-old venue is the last remaining theatre of Dallas’s historic Theater Row on Elm Street and is designated as a Dallas Landmark (1997), National Register of Historic Places (1977), Registered Texas Historic Landmark (1983), and State Historic Marker (1983)​.

    Join Us for CrowdSource for Life at The Majestic Theater

    Saturday September 23, 2023. •. 
    Theatre Opens: 5:15 PM  •. Where: The Majestic Theater,  1925 Elm Street, Dallas Texas 75201

    Abundant and CrowdSource for Life Production Leaders: (from left to right) Kidney Content Consultant and Producer Laurie Lee, Director of Photography Wyatt Cagle, Stage Producer Avery-Jai Andrews, Stylist and Interview Set Designer Libby Bennett, Staging and Lighting Designer Joshua King, Sound Designer and Composer Brittany Padilla, Still Photographer Rene Rivera and Writer/Director/Producer Donald Griswold.

    Abundant - Documentary Film

    “As I assembled our incredibly talented production team for Abundant, I looked for people who first say “yes” and who say, “Why not?” rather than ask “Why?”.   This attitude is the fuel that met the creative challenge of lifting this subject matter to a major art form level.  Staged storytelling is a minor art form.  Kidney donation is a niche subject.  Yet our positive attitude and tone willed this production into reality.  The inspired collaboration of our creative team has brought skilled writing and clever production value to our feature film production.  All this was done by saying yes to the possibilities that this content could be bigger and more significant.  Believing there is more possibility… which is the essence of abundance… has created this production.”

    Donald Griswold, Director of Abundant

    Want to Learn More About Living Kidney Donation?

    Throughout history, storytelling creates connections.  Stories bring people together and they create empathy and understanding.  And stories are present in every culture. When a listener connects to a story and recognizes their experiences or perspective in the story, irreplaceable human connection forms: the understanding that “I am not alone.”  This is why Maitri River Productions selected storytelling as the format for CrowdSource for Life.  We want the audience to be inspired by the selfless giving and empathy of our cast.

    We know our storytellers’ messages in CrowdSource for Life will reach a larger audience in Abundant.   It’s likely many people will start thinking about the benefits of living kidney donation for the first time.  Some may even want more information.  That is why we have entrusted the National Kidney Donation Organization with answering people who ask questions here at

     If you are interested in learning about living kidney donation, please click the bottom below for a connection to the National Kidney Donation Organization.

    Racial Disparity in Kidney Transplant

    CrowdSource for Life and Abundant both discuss the racial disparity in kidney donation and transplant and the need for greater cultural competency in addressing this disparity.  Members of diverse communities are encouraged to learn more about the benefits and value of living kidney donation.

    We Still Need Your Help!

    Thanks to your generous support, we raised our $300,000 production budget goal in 2022.  We are only $50,000 away from reaching our goal to fully fund all the expert interviews we need to tell the full story of Abundant.  You can learn more about the incredible group of experts we are planning to appear in Abundant.

    If you are in individual who wants to help us reach this $50,000 budget goal click here to learn about making a donation that can be claimed as a chartable tax deduction.  If you are a business or foundation wanting to make a promotional sponsorship, click here to learn more.  

    Basic Production Goal of $300,000: COMPLETE!
    $83,017.14 of the $100K Goal for Location Shoots for Expert Interviews